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General terms

Travel Contract and General Conditions and Directives for Travel Arrangements


The passenger can travel organized by Joyful tourists Ltd. (hereinafter Joyful tourists) may apply by telephone, Internet or other means of remote communication. When logging traveler and Joyful tourists signed a contract containing all the information about travel or call the travel program where all the necessary data. The traveler signs a contract with an indication that he is familiar with the program and the conditions of travel and that they fully accept. When registering the customer is required to provide any information or documents required by the travel program.


The price of the package (if the tour program indicated otherwise ) are generally contained transport services, hotel and catering services , and the costs of the trip . Special services are not included in the price (single room, extra meals, excursions) and the passenger will pay. Special requests traveler must request when registering and co financing by the package price. If the traveler need special services during the trip, paid them with guides or representatives Joyful tourists on the spot and in the currency of the country where it is located.
When registering the customer pays 20 % of the price as booking confirmation (if the program is not stated otherwise ) . The remaining amount must be paid at least 14 days prior to travel . For individual reservations for travel abroad , Joyful tourists charge booking fees in the amount determined by the Joyful tourists, in accordance with stvarnm costs ( telephone, fax ) . Booking fees will not be returned if the client does not accept the offered package . When you go to the representative of the customer is required to submit a document or guide on paid arrangement ( voucher , confirmation of payment , a copy of the transfer order ) . If at the time of your reservation no vacancies , you can embed 100.00 for the cost of reservation on the basis of which we will ask for additional seats ( on request ) . If your reservation is confirmed, the payment will be included in the package price . If we can not confirm a reservation , return the said amount in full. If our offered despite our booking confirmation will not accept , the amount of HRK 100.00 remains Joyful tourists - in to cover the cost of the reservation.

Online payment can be made by bank account or via PayPall
Tour prices are posted on the travel program and are valid from the date of publication of the program . Prices listed in our programs are based on a contract basis with our partners and do not necessarily match the prices on the spot . In this circumstance all possible complaints filed directly perpetrator onsite services abroad . Joyful tourists of these changes may notify passengers in writing or orally . Joyful tourists may require an increase in contract price if the contract after a change in exchange rates or changes in transport or hotel tariffs . If there is a price increase in the amount of more than 10% of the passenger has the right to withdraw from the arrangement and communicated to the agency within 48 hours of receiving the notice in verbal or written form . Do not cancel the traveler within the prescribed time shall be deemed to have consented to the price change.
Offered hotels , apartments and other buildings in the Joyful tourists these programs are described according to the official categorization of the country concerned at the time of issuance program . Food, comfort and other services under the supervision of the local tourist boards , and the standard of accommodation and service are different and not comparable . Joyful tourists assumes no responsibility for any verbal or written information which is not in accordance with the description of services and facilities to the agency's programs valid for that trip that day, either by agency employees or any other third party . Schedule of accommodation in rooms or apartments determines reception on arrival. If the traveler has not requested a room / apartment with special features , will accept any officially registered the room / apartment for rent in the specific facility described in the catalog / price list . Accommodation is possible before 12:00 hours on the day of service , and the same must be vacated by 10:00 am on the day of the end use of services , if the tour program indicated otherwise . For all arrivals after 20:00 facilities necessary to provide notice Joyful tourists at least one day prior to arrival . Number of available beds in the apartment and determined the maximum number of guests in the apartment , that the apartment can not accommodate more guests . A child is counted as an adult . The owner has the right to refuse accommodation spot yet if the number of persons higher than announced by the agency .
A traveler who is applying for travel abroad must have valid travel documents . During registration or by the deadline specified in the program shall specify the required information and bring documents for the visa of the destination country . Organizer does not guarantee issuance of a visa . If the passenger fails to comply with these obligations , Joyful tourists believes that the traveler cancels the trip.
Under the Law on Tourism , agency employees are required to offer the traveler a "package" of travel insurance , which consists of health insurance during their stay abroad and luggage insurance , insurance against accidents as well as cancellation insurance . By signing the contract, the traveler confirms that he was offered a travel insurance package . In this way , everything stated in the agreement becomes a legal obligation for passengers and for the organizers .
The passenger has the right to cancel the trip , orally or in writing to the office where you applied for the trip. In this case, the Joyful tourists reserves amount paid in an amount that depends on the date of cancellation of a trip to the next (if the program is not otherwise specified :
  • up to 30 days before departure - 10 % of the price , but at least 100.00
  • 29/22 days prior to departure - 25 % of the price
  • 21/15 days prior to departure - 40 % of the price
  • 14/8 days prior to departure - 80 % of the price
  • 7 / 0 days prior to departure - 100 % of the price

These terms apply to change the departure date or hotel facility , and in all other cases . If the passenger during the journey on their own desire cancels the trip , returning is not entitled to payment of costs . VIA TOURS charge administrative costs if the traveler contract holder cancels the trip or find a replacement of the same reservations as in the case of a passenger who has cancellation insurance cancels the trip .
If the traveler during the booking process predicts that for some reason had to cancel a trip, can pay cancellation insurance . Cancellation insurance is valid only in the following circumstances and with written confirmation: military , illness , death in the immediate family . Joyful tourists in this case, the passenger shall pay the entire amount paid arrangements . Cancellation insurance is valid until 48 hours prior to departure by presenting a written confirmation , which amounts to 5 % of the package if the program otherwise stated . Cancellation insurance is canceled when the arrangement is not paid . If the traveler does not have paid for cancellation insurance arrangements , and must cancel the trip and have proof of military occupation, illness or death , Joyful tourists reserves the right to payment under the rules set forth in Section 8
10. Customs and currency regulations
A passenger is obliged to respect the customs and currency regulations , and if they are not respected and therefore can not continue the journey , all the costs and consequences that arise because of this alone bears.
Joyful tourists on the basis of valid legislation has the right to cancel a trip at least 5 days prior to departure if it is for a particular journey did not report sufficient number of passengers specified in each tour program . If the program is not specifically stated, the lowest number of registered passenger in a specific means of transport should be : to travel by bus at least 30 passengers , to travel on regular air links to Europe at least 20 passengers , for intercontinental travel at least 80 % occupancy . Joyful tourists reserves the right to full or partial modification program if immediately before or during the trip exceptional circumstances that could not be foreseen or avoided . Joyful tourists reserves the right to change the date or hour trip due to flight schedule changes or the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances , as well as the right to change the direction of travel if conditions change for the trip and without payment of compensation , and according to the regulations in force in the international traffic. Joyful tourists assumes no responsibility for change in order to unforeseen circumstances and force majeure during the trip . In this case, it may provide services with respect to a given situation .
If Joyful tourists cancels the trip , the passenger is entitled to a refund of the total amount .

Every passenger has the right to complain to the non-contracted services and is required to file a written complaint within 8 days after the trip . If the passenger filing a complaint after the deadline Joyful tourists assumes no consideration . We emphasize that it is in the interest of passengers that certainly send your complaint service provider on the spot and in writing and duly certified by the service provider that received the complaint . Each passenger complaint individually , the organizer will receive the group complaints procedure . Without a written complaint Joyful tourists not consider requests for reduction in price or compensation payments . If guilt Joyful tourists been non-performance program or part of the service , the customer is entitled to compensation in the amount of the actual value of the unused services . The tour operator is obliged to issue a written decision on the complaint within 14 days of receipt of the complaint at the point of sale . The organizer may extend the deadline for the decision has 14 days to collect information and verify the complaint . The organizer will take into consideration only those complaints that have been found that could not be resolved on the spot . In case of dispute , the Court in Zagreb .
In some programs listed are special rules for travel that include mandatory vaccinations and procurement of relevant documents . The traveler is required to perform mandatory vaccinations as well as have the certificates and documents about it . We recommend the payment of a health insurance policy.
Luggage transport to a certain weight , which determines the carrier is free. For air transportation , excess baggage traveler pays the rules and prices . Joyful tourists assumes no liability for lost or damaged luggage . Applications for lost luggage must be sent to the carrier or the hotel.

If the passenger during the journey lost travel documents or have it stolen , shall provide new at their own expense.
A passenger is obliged to him personally , his documents and things fulfill the conditions provided for border, customs , health and other regulations of his country and the country in which you are traveling , adheres to the rules and regulations in restaurants and hotel facilities and to cooperate with tour operators and service providers in good faith . In the case of non-compliance with these obligations traveler fits 'm the damage , and Joyful tourists takes no responsibility for the damage . In such a case, the amount of damages shall be met by the owner ( hotels, apartments , etc. ) at the reception .

Information that passengers get to the point of sale does not oblige the organizers to a greater extent than the information listed in the travel program.


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